Eartha Kitt photographed at the pool by Isaac Sutton, c. 1959

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Demo Reel 2013

Scrolling through my dash after months of staying away from Tumblr. I’m proud of the stuff people are posting and reblogging. I’m noticing more posts about social awareness, healthy venting, animals, life lessons, quotes, nutrition tips, etc. There’s less immature stuff and more significant material. But porn still shows up on my dash from time to time…

Anyway, I don’t know what the point of this post is. I haven’t written anything on here in a long time. I guess this is a random appreciation post for the people I follow and my followers as well.

Keep calm and Tumblr on. You’re all awesome.


La Monnaie Opera House | Season 2014.15 | Shot by Pierre Debusschere 


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Funny how far life has taken us


So last weekend, a good friend of mine, Rachel Banh, texted me…

UM thought you would appreciate this.

The moment I saw.. “Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (The Weeknd Remix)” I just dieeeed. Beyonce is one thing, but THE WEEKND!? Ugh. I was on my way back down to LA after performing in SF with Movement Project and had this song on repeat…I swear I listened to this song a good 30-40 times during the drive down. I knew I was going to choreograph to it, but I felt like I had to do something…more. I was never great at thinking about a ‘concept’ or a ‘storyline’ (and I’m not saying I’m good at this still) but I listened to the song inside and out, to the lyrics, the musicality, and spent four days choreographing to the song while trying to figure out how to piece together my ideas in the video. So I made some calls, got things worked out, and boom. Grind time.

Met with the fellas on Thursday night to film the dance portion of the video. For the entire week, I couldn’t think of a spot to film…It didn’t really click until I thought about the area again and decided to hit up one of my oldest friend’s parents. Their house is gorgeous and overlooked the city of Pasadena. Thankfully, they’re generous and allowed me to film there. We didn’t start until 1am and our tiredness began to kick in already, hahaha. Especially for that super quick part, fugh, so difficult. We wrapped that up and went back to the house to film our “drinking/partying” scenes. Oh…how I hate alcohol.

A few days later, met up with Luciano again to film the rest of the video at the bar and the more sensual scenes. Again, thank god for generous people, the owners of 38 Degrees are super considerate and really were kind about me using the bar to film, even threw in a free drink (grapefruit juice HOLLA). Knocked that out in 15 minutes, went back to the house, and pushed through the parts for me and Chanelle. Those moments were natural, but i didn’t realize how awkward it would be with a camera..hahaha.

When planning this out, I browsed around to find the right videographer for the job. I meant to ask Luciano a while ago to film a video for me, but boy am I glad I waited. I used to DANCE with Luciano on Offspring a long time ago and eventually became his director about 3 years ago. Seeing his growth in dance was amazing, but then I started to see him put out BMX videos for one of our other friends. I checked back on Luciano this past year and was blown away by his work. I can’t believe a 17 year old has THIS much talent. I knew I hired the right guy :) If he’s doing this at this age now, imagine where he’ll be five years from now. Luci, I’m so proud of you man. Thank you for working on this with me bro. Until next time!

So theres a little insight on how and why this was put together, so please, enjoy! 


The Weeknd - Drunk in Love.

Choreography: David Lee
Production: Luciano Picazo